Trout Fishing in West Virginia - Custom Guided Trout Fishing in the Mountains of West Virginia!
West Virginia Trout Fishing with Pro River Outfitters! West Virginia Trout Fishing with Bobby Bower! West Virginia Trout - Fishing With Pro River Outfitters!
Trout Fishing in the Mountains of West Virginia.

West Virginia Trout Fishing with Bobby Bower & Pro River Outfitters: Custom Guided Trout Fishing in the Mountains of West Virginia

West Virginia is blessed with an abundance of high quality trout streams. PRO River Outfitters Guide Service schedules custom guided trout fishing trips that fit with your schedule, experience level, and physical condition.

There are many well known stocked fisheries where the trout are plentiful in West Virginia. The DNR trout stocking program guarantees the health of our State's larger fisheries while providing excellent fishing conditions for sportsmen in recently stocked areas. We maintain up to date trout stocking schedules and information, streamflow data and weather reports to plan the highest quality trout fishing trips available.

On a PRO guided trout fishing trip our guests can fish several miles of excellent trout waters that are regularly stocked with the finest of trout including rainbow, golden rainbow, brook and brown trout. Stocking begins in January and the prime season lasts throughout May, but trout are caught in every month of the year round due to the consistently adequate water levels in our West Virginia streams. If you enjoy native trout, we have a few top secret small streams that are sure to please. With a professional trout fishing guide your trout fishing experience will not be soon forgotten!

All in PRO River Outfitters trips we welcome spin and fly fishing enthusiasts. If you have always wanted to learn to fly fish we can show you all you need to know so you can enjoy the sport on your own!

The 3 primary trout species in West Virginia are the rainbow, brook, brown trout. Pure cold water is key to survival of the trouts and the brook trout is the most sensitive to temperature. The others are comfortable in slightly warmer waters.

West Virginia Trout Species:

Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Known for its pink flesh, beauty and gameness, the rainbow trout is a favorite among the vast majority of trout fishing anglers. It also appeals to the fly fisherman as it can be tempted to take properly presented flies as well as other baits and lures. It feeds on small insects, minnows, crustaceans and worms.

Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)

Brook trout are found in clear cold waters which seldom exceed 68 degrees. As the waters to warm, the brook trout population begins to diminish. Its primary food source is small insects, mollusks, crustaceans and other small fishes. Look for gravel bottom streams with a moderate current, plenty of waterfalls and ponds which include rocks and cover. Overhanging trees offer additional shade, attract insects and offer protection from preying birds. Duplicate their food source and you are in business.

Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)

The brown trout can tolerate slightly warmer waters than the brook trout and have taken over some of the fisheries formerly inhabited by the brookies. It is much more wary than other trouts which help ensure its longevity in waters where other trouts get fished out. When brown trout fishing look for quiet water with lots of cover. Logs, under cuts in the bank, rock shelves, overhanging trees and brush are some of the brown trouts favorite hiding places. The larger they get, the more wary they become and are more inclined to feed at night under the protection of darkness. Brown trout feed on worms, minnows, insects and crustaceans. Dry fly fishing for smaller browns is a favorite technique as they rise well to these crafty presentations. Larger browns tend to feed more on flesh and favor nutritious crustaceans, worms or small fishes.


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